Worldscope is a vision I started writing about 10 years ago from observing the intensity of thoughts and feelings not only effecting peoples lives, but the planet as well. Timing has its own way of showing us that the universe is not separate from us but very connected to us. Every time I thought I was going to share this idea something came up, until now.

Our planet’s natural disasters can makes us feel un-empowered and afraid. We long to help. We use affirmations for welcoming our personal change, but have we ever thought our words and feelings might be affecting the earth? Thought is very cumulative; it’s not instantaneous all the time when it is joined with conflicting collective thoughts especially with earth changes. However just a few people can influence many.

Our collective thoughts have been manifesting since time began. We have evolved through the centuries to accept an understanding of how our mind works. It has been known and hidden and unhidden many times. Now a transitional quantum shift of knowledge is moving particle thoughts into waves of feeling. What was hidden has once again been uncovered. That we are extra-ordinary and our feelings/emotions are powerful. Like an answered prayer hope is returning to earth. We have many great minds to thank and Louise Hays is one of them.

Thirty years ago, I was introduced to Louise Hays’ book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Through the years, every time I go into a used bookstore I always look for her same book to have more on hand. I’ve given hundreds of these books away: I have given them to friends, to clients, left them in hospitals and in waiting rooms. I am so committed and dedicated to her work. Louise Hays is a woman who teaches the power of Divine Love.

Worldscope was inspired from my passion for Louise Hays book “You Can Heal Your Life”. In her book she listed illnesses and then gave a probable cause for each illness, and then a solution.

I have expanded her concept to healing the earth. I would also like to remind you that for prayer to work it must be clothed with genuine feeling/emotion. Feel the prayer affirmation all the way from your head to your toes. Take a deep breath. Then repeat it once again, this time feeling Divine Love joining with you in your desired world prayer all the way from the heavens down to every cell in your body and then traveling through your toes down deep into mother earth. Just like when we take wondrous walks in nature it feels good to be connected with Mother Earth. Open your heart and send mother earth love. Feel gratitude, that all is well.

Even when life seems very unsettled and in trouble I encourage you to be calm in the eye of the storm. When we are calm and centered we can see, hear, and feel what right action to take.

Worldscope: Our collective thoughts and emotions can either cause suffering or healing.

“The pilgrimage is a process by which we change what we think and transform who we are. Prayer is the pilgrim’s walking stick.” Marianne Williamson

We are connected to the earth, the earth hears us and feel us.

Worldscope: How to reduce disruptive world events.

World Event -Earthquake
Probable Cause- Feeling unstable, like your world is cracking and it’s not able to support you. Too much to do.
World Prayer- I am safe, balanced, whole and complete

World Event- Polar Shift
Probable cause- A feeling like there is a weight on your shoulders. You can’t hold everything together, like your life is slipping away from you, turning up side down.
World Prayer – I am supported everything is ok. I am safe, whole and complete. I turn fear into faith.

World Event -Ice Age
Probable cause -The warmth, the love is missing out of your life. Your passion is weak. It feels like love melted away.
World Prayer -I am love. Love is all around me. I am passionate, and I feel my heart opening up, to receive and give love.

World Event-Economic Crisis
Probable Cause- Not enough. Fear of needing more, distrust, a belief in scarcity.
World Prayer- I am enough. I have everything I need. I trust the process, and all is well.

World Event -Tornado
Probable Cause -Life is moving too fast, caught in a whirlwind like you are spinning out of control
World Prayer- Everything is ok, I am safe and at peace. I trust the process of life. I am calm, and serene.

World Event -Hurricane
Probable Cause -Feeling rushed, can’t get everything done, confused. To many thoughts /ideas coming in opposite directions. Fear stirring in the wind
World Prayer -I have plenty of time. I am doing the best I can, I let go and trust the process of life. I am safe.

World Event -Tsunami
Feeling wiped out, crushed, overwhelmed, swept away.
Every day life gets better. I take one day at a time, and all is well. My life is renewed as I fill my love cup

World Event- Floods
Probable Cause -Feeling flooded with information and ideas. Not enough time. Drowning in a sea of overwhelm.
World Prayer -Everything is working out for the best. I am relaxed. I see and hear what best serves me. I let go, and I am okay.

World Event- Global Warming
Probable Cause- Feeling unsafe, like the world is drying up and you’re not enough. Like your oxygen supply is ending.
World Prayer-I am enough just being who I am. My juices of creativity, life, and passion are abundant. I am loved. I am safe.

World Event -Volcano
Probable Cause -Inner eruptions, too much pressure, anger inside. Distrust.
World Prayer – I let go. All is well. I forgive, and release and trust the process of life.

World Event -War

Probable Cause- Not safe, untrusting, not enough, control; scarcity, judgement, greed, I am smarter than ?
World Prayer – There is enough for everyone. We are safe. There is always enough for all. I am love I am loved, I send love to all. All is good.

World Event- Comet Crash
Probable Cause- Not in control, afraid of the future. Fear is bigger than you. Feels like the world is crashing in on us.
World Prayer – LOVE is greater than fear. I am safe; All is well in my world.

World Event- Death
Probable Cause-Fear of loss; never seeing again. The end of life, forever.
World Prayer-Nothing ever dies, Love feels love. Love is always alive, transforming, growing, evolving, and connecting with Love.

World Event- Greed, Power
Probable Cause-Afraid of being hurt. Control, feeling not worthy or good enough
World Prayer – Everyone is unique, magnificent and worthy, all are forgiven all are loved

World Event- Uncontrolled Fires
Probabale Cause- Unspoken or unconscious anger,Burning emotion inside your body. Rage, Outward anger
Feel like everything you do just goes up in smoke. What’s the use attitude?
World Prayer- I am peace. I let go and hand my problems over to God. As I forgive others I forgive myself.

As you are reading this list what do you notice?
When you read the probable [mental] cause did it seem true to you? If not, what thoughts do you think contribute to these world events? What affirmative world prayer would you use?
Or did you feel called to take an action, do something?
Feeling emotional love, forgiveness and peace is a powerful action.

Coach Louise Rouse copyright2012, 541-821-6213, P.S.