A New World

As the days roll closer to 12/21/12 people all around the world have been waking up. Something new is brewing. What could once seem like disaster is now like an answer. An answer to what these changes are, moves like the rhythm of the tides. Creating a shift, inward, opening minds and hearts close to home and far out across the sea.
For relationships it is like hearts asking are we in love, do we love, and is there passion? A stirring question as to what could be better than this? Normal is beckoning to be extraordinary. For societies there is a calling for an answer to what could be better for our children, our community? For governments there is the question what can we create that would be a vibrational match to an evolving conscious world?
The drive for something new, something better, is thousands times stronger than ever before
Globally indigenous ancestors can be heard in the winds whispering wake up, wake up and listen to the answer of what could be better for the earth, the sky and the sea? Like a drum beat for gathering people to dance we are coming together, to move, explore, question, wonder, and listen. What could be a complete myth has the attention of many ears, countless hearts ready to grow. To unfold the pages of yesterday and apologize, validate and march beyond. Forward we march, with an invisible leader. Doubt of higher intelligence turns to unshakable faith with every beat. We rest assured from the message of butterflies, the story they tell: that as the cocoon decays, it turns in to wings of flight , a beautiful butterfly. Judgment, pointing fingers of blame is like old lost story, which there is no more time for. Life is too precious to waste anymore. Gratitude journals come out of the closet. Networking groups join together searching for answer to, what could be better than this?
With winter approaching, it is time to remember that the dark must always precede the light.
Once we turn over to 2013 many people will be seeking help in how to transmute these changes into their life, relationships, and career to be a match for this new era. If you are feeling called to serve, become a Planetary Coach, a new model of coaching for a new era.
Planetarycoach.com, Coach Louise Rouse