God Partical >Faith or Fear In Our Economy

Everywhere I hear this question “Now that our economy is falling apart, how do we keep on believing in America?”

Perhaps now that there is scientific proof that there is a God Particle holding everything together, there will be another awaking of hope on earth.

If you have felt lack of faith in America you are not alone. There is an under current sweeping across America like a bad flu virus, challenging our core beliefs. The economy and beliefs go hand in hand. Consumer purchases generate 70% of economic activity. When we have faith the economy goes up, when we have fear the economy goes down. It all boils down to the eye of our collective perception. Our perception is a mirror reflecting the many beliefs we carry deep inside. The mirror today is clouded with fear. Just when things were looking better we read the news or watch TV and suddenly return to fear.

When America has fear it puts a dark shadow on hope and freedom for other countries across the world. If you live in America is time to honor our blessings.

Fear and Faith are two distinctly different dramas being played out in our world today. We live in times of political deception, corporate takeovers, greed, and so called terrorist threats. The uncertainty and fear are pounded into our minds on a daily basis; striping away our faith in the world we live in.
However, faith is all around us. The power of positive thoughts, clothed with positive feelings is proven in countless scientific studies. Unfortunately, we hardly ever hear about this on TV or read about it in the news. Good news seems to stay buried, but it is there everyday if you look for it.

How many of you heard about the God Particle being discovered? Most likely not many, but I will share more information about this discovery below.

If we choose to only look at fear we lose our power, and become like rabbits standing still afraid to move because we might get shot, or running like crazy afraid we might get caught. If we choose faith we realize we are powerful creators. Brave like lions, the kings and queens of the jungle. Faith opens the door to wisdom, and shuts the door to blame. This allows us to learn from our mistakes.

If we look at the history of our forefathers, we see how they built the foundation of America, on the power of faith. Washington said at the First Inaugural Address “ No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States.” Roosevelt said “ There is nothing to Fear but fear itself.” Nelson Mandela quoted from Marianne Williamson’s in his speech:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
We have the freedom to choose between faith and fear. No matter which one you believe I encourage you to take action!! It is extremely important that we wake up and realize the brilliant marketing, which influences today’s world. The media has become so highly skilled it can hypnotize an entire society. Hitler used these hypnotic techniques to take over Germany and discriminate against the Jews.

Behind the world of effect is an inner world of cause. Fear has been the bait. Do we want to bite?

In my wallet I carry something more valuable than money. It is a piece of paper in the shape of a circle about the size of a silver dollar. On one side it says Faith and on the other side it says Fear. When I’m questing my world, or doubting anything because of fear, I take it out, and hold it in my hand. It reminds me I cannot serve two-master, only one. You cannot have faith if you have fear, and you cannot have fear if you have faith. Which will you choose faith or fear?

Today on 7/7/12 I feel tears awaking, love growing, and my appreciation for all. I am inspired, too, by the Higgs Bosun what they are calling the stuff/glue that keeps everything together. I always knew Divine ‘LOVE’ is what keeps everything together. That everything is connected part of the whole, above and below, inside and outside.

We had more Solar flares yesterday.

Solar flares are perhaps like sun rays of light bursting around us celebrating mans needed proof that there is a God Particle which is I believe is love.
This God Particle holds us, molds us, shapes us, express though us, heal us, expands us, touches us, feeds us, teaches us, inspires us and gives us so many expressions of life a life with no end.

Here is a link to students view of this discovery.

Today take time to stop and feel love all around you, take time to send everyone-everything you come across love sweet simple love from your heart.
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For more infor on this discovery… this is from http://thehiggsbosonparticle.blogspot.com/
“Higgs Boson Particle God Particle Confirmed Latest News from Cern
Higgs Boson Particle God Particle Confirmed Latest News from Cern. Experts at the Cern research centre near Geneva, Switzerland, are extremely confident they have had a glimpse of the so-called ‘God particle’, which lends mass to matter and holds the universe together.

The Higgs boson particle theory – proposed by British physicist Peter Higgs in the 1960s – suggests the existence of an invisible force field and associated sub-atomic particle that permeates all things. Thus working like glue to give form to stars, planets and even humans. So my Mum was right I am stuck together with glue! Without the Higgs particle, the universe would have remained like a soup, according to the theory.