How to connect with your loved one on the other side?

Do you ever wonder how to connect with your loved one? If you do here is two tips I learned from Sheri Perl Migdol and Terri Daniel that are a little different then E.P.C.

1. As you inhale your breath draw in a feeling of love, then on the exhale send your breath filled with love to your loved one. As you continue to repeat this breathing pattern, feel your love connecting and returning love back to you.

2. Now imagine your loved one is standing behind you embracing you and you are breathing in and out together. After many breaths ask for a message? Or send a message. Wonderful way to start a conversation.
Remember nothing ever dies it only transforms.

Healthy grieving can be a slow, difficult process that lasts for months or years. You may go through all the stages of grief: disbelief, yearning, anger, depression and acceptance; or you may not.

Grief is itself a medicine. ~William Cowper

As a former I have witnessed that America is suffering from grief in a vast amount of areas. So is the whole planet. We are all in this together. one, and soon discovered I was coaching on all the many ways we experience loss. This is what motivated me to create the Planetary Coaching Academy. After 40 plus years of helping others and learning all the many tools for transformation which work, I knew it was time to pass my wisdom on to others.