We Are One

When is the last time you stopped and really reflected on the depth of the saying ‘We are One’?

What if you were to Stop and really think about all that you are connected to? Do you think you would remember the earth, the trees, and the ocean? How about politicians and the gang on Wall Street? What about the Creator, or your loved ones who crossed over? Everything is a mirror, a mirror of us. If we want to heal or change anything we have to first start within. Love is the answer, love is what we are all made of, come from and return to. Awakening to this is awakening to a higher dimension. Some say it is the forth, or the fifth dimension and some say it is the seventh. Whichever, the essence is love’s awakening. I personally shy away from claiming I know the answer, however I absolutely feel a change from our third dimension. Like seeing between the worlds. The space in-between has been calling my attention for some time.

It is through this sweet remembrance the space in-between that we awaken and recall what we once new, that we are connected to everything. We are all love. Then with our ears open we can hear. Everything is talking, giving us a reflection and answers to what is going on inside of our own human drama. When we all realize we are not a single noun separate from others, we will have the potential to heal the world.

Miraculous gifts of long distance healing, miracles of prayer, therapeutic touch and remote viewing have all shown us the incredible power of the seemingly invisible world of energy.
Strong or soft, energy can move in and out invisibly all throughout the universe.

With just the simplicity of a heart speaking though daily prayer we can move energy toward healing the world. If we listen and pay attention the answers come in mysterious ways. If our ears are closed then we may miss the opportunity to trust seeming coincidences and our gift of being intuitive. The more we listen the more we see the divine design of life. As we awaken and remember to listen for answers, trusting the process of life becomes easier.

Even though we know that positive thinking and positive action are superior ways of being for manifesting a happy, and healthy world, they are still sometimes hard to maintain. But when we are positive in our love and faith about life, it is supreme prayer at work. We know this is true, as we feel better when we are surrounded in positive energy. Prayer is most effective when we affirm, not beg. When we believe and not plead. When we feel instead of just saying. Sound, chanting, drumming, music, and singing open up a portal to the Invisible, like a divine gateway. Dancing integrates our prayers deep into our feeling body. Prayer is really a talking, listening and feeling relationship with the Invisible. Think of God as our partner in living and business. Then everything we do and say will be praying, for we are living Gods business. Be patient, as all relationships take time to get acquainted, awakening God within. We are the most creative thinkers, capable of changing false beliefs, which we often mistakenly conceive as realities. We can awaken, even after we fall asleep for a long while.

Prayer groups, when two or more are gathered together have increased power to heal, in addition to the joy they bring. I cherish my moon sisters who stop and tune in during each full moon. I love joining the grid every new moon and full moon with The Children Of The Sun, an online group dedicated to healing the earth. I have created a sacred geometry site at my home made of 352 rose quartz crystals placed in the shape of the Star of David. Through mathematical computer work science has discovered this shape holds the highest energy vibration. The rose quartz crystal in the middle is larger than my hand and is connected energetically with other sacred sites so all sites would be interconnected, like the web of life. Every new and full moon I go to my sacred site to connect with the other sites on the grid. This energy grid is like a fish net over the earth with each connecting point being lit up from prayers around the world. I also call in my sister grandmothers from Sharon McErlane grandmother groups. Sharon works with 13 grandmother spirits doing this similar ritual. She is the author of Our Love Is Our Power, working with the net of light that surrounds the Earth. Imagine this grid – a network of prayers sending healing love all over the earth.