Pray to stop the Fires – Help for smoke

I first wrote this when the Grandmothers were requesting for prayers in Montana. It worked. Now I am updating it with new information. The Grandmothers have created magic with praying to the elements. Please join the grandmothers and myself as I too I am a grandmother in Prayer to stop the fires. I know this can sound silly but talk to fire from your whole being, with heart felt feeling, like you are talking to a dear friend. Fires can be a friend to the forest and an enemy. Fire can serve us and hurt us.

Lets us pray, May we honor the power of fire and use it wisely. May we be careful/mindful in calling/praying for rain, as rain can come with thunder. Today may we pray that all lands, homes, animals,nature and people be protected from the dangers of fire. May we join in prayer in seeing all fires that cause harm end as fast as they started, for the winds to be calm, and water plenty. Thank you, thank you

Personally I am dancing indoors and imagining buckets of water pouring on the earth, dancing a celebration dance that the fires are out.

Your daily affirmations could be: I am calm, I am well, I see clear skies, I forgive, I love. Allow your connected energy to the oneness of the earth be calm, centered, and at peace releasing any anger or intense energy. Feel joy bubbling over and any anger being healed.

A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our responsibility to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf.
~ Bruce H.Lipton, Ph.D

Herbs helpful for keeping healthy lungs if exposed to smoke from an herbalist in Applegate Oregon, Ashley Shepherd with
Applegate Herbs,
I am not a doctor so I encourage you to verify any of the following treatments.
-Mullein: soothes irritated lungs and bronchial congestion
-Licorice Root: restores energy and soothes irritation
-Turmeric: removes carcinogens
-Thyme: cough expectorant and antiseptic. Calms bronchial passages.
-Ginger: removes excess mucous from the lungs.
-Rosemary: actually CLEANS the lungs.
-Fenugreek: calms spasms in the respiratory system.

Tinctures work great as well as fresh herbs
Mullein, licorice, turmeric, ginger and fenugreek.

Hot liquids especially herbal teas stimulate cilia to move helping move mucous either up to get out or down to swallow and get out of the bronchial passages.
Cilia: Tiny hairs called cilia (pronounced: sih-lee-uh) protect the nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, filtering out dust and other particles that enter the nose with the breathed air. As air is inhaled, the cilia move back and forth, pushing any foreign matter (like dust) either toward the nostrils, where it is blown out, or toward the pharynx, where it travels through the digestive system and out with the rest of the body’s waste. My Moms remedy has always been drink hot coffee, as her doctor told her that it opens up your air ways.

Beautiful wise woman Karen Rae Ferreira wrote these helpful hints.

Visual assessment to estimate air quality:

1. Face away from the sun
2. Determine the limit of your visual range by looking for targets at known distances (miles).
3. Visual range is that point at which even objects that are typically easily identifiable totally disappear.
4. Use the values above to determine smoke conditions.

2. be prepared to source and obtain proper face masks for yourself and others, and use them if you must go outdoors
3. do not be a fool and think that it is okay to breath tiny particulate matter into your lungs
4. stay indoors
5. keep air purifiers running night and day
6. have an evacuation plan (have ready your ID, first aid kit, water, food, bedding, clothing, computer, phone, chargers, etc.)
7. pay close attention to local weather news
8. consume anti-oxidants in greater quantity: (berries, raw cacao, brightly colored fruits and veggies, Olive Leaf Complex by Barleans, Loquat Respiratory Syrup by Pure Formulas, Vitamin A rich foods, Nutrigenomic Berry Powder by Eclectic, etc.)
9. if someone needs homeopathic treatment due to smoke inhalation, consult an experienced professional homeopath, and keep in mind the following remedies and their indications:

Toxicity – SMOKE, inhalation:
COUGH – SMOKING – agg.: (47) Acon. agar. all-s. aral. arg-n. ars. atro. brom. bry. Calc. carb-an. cham. clem. coc-c. coca cocc. Coloc. Dros. Euphr. ferr. hell. hep. hydrog. ign. iod. irid-met. lac-ac. lach. M-arct. mag-c. menth. merc. nux-v. osm. petr. psil. puls. queb. rad-br. spig. spong. staph. sul-ac. sul-i. taosc. tarent. thuj.
COUGH – SMOKE – all kinds; of: (4) euphr. kola limest-b. menth.
COUGH – DRY – smoking agg.: (10) acon. all-s. atro. beryl. coc-c. coca hell. petr. rad-br. thuj.
COUGH – DRY – smoke; from inspiration of: (2) kali-bi. menth.
RESPIRATION – WHEEZING – smoking agg.: (1) kali-bi.
RESPIRATION – SMOKING agg.: (4) puls. spong. staph. tarax.
RESPIRATION – SMOKE; sensation as if inhaling only: (1) bar-c.
RESPIRATION – DIFFICULT – smoke agg.: (1) ozone
RESPIRATION – DIFFICULT – smoke – as from: (14) ars. bar-c. Brom. cassia-s. chin. cocc. Ign. kali-c. lach. lyc. nat-ar. ozone petr-ra. puls.
RESPIRATION – ASTHMATIC – smoking – agg.: (1) puls.
RESPIRATION – ASTHMATIC – smoking – after – agg.: (2) asc-t. NAT-AR.
RESPIRATION – ASTHMATIC – smoke: (4) Cassia-s. mosch. sul-ac. sulph.
RESPIRATION – ARRESTED – smoking agg.: (1) tarax.
Lungs – EXPECTORATION, lungs, discharges – taste, sputum – smoky: (5) bry. nux-v. puls. rhus-t. sep.
Generals – SMOKE, inhalation, agg.: (33) am-c. ars. bell. brom. Bry. calc. CARB-V. caust. chel. chin. dor. DROS. Euph. Euphr. hep. ign. just. kali-bi. lob. lyc. naja nat-ar. nat-m. nux-v. olnd. ph-ac. phos. puls. rumx. Sep. sil. SPIG. sulph.
Eyes – PRESSING, pain, pressure in – smoke, as from: (1) ran-b.
EYE – PAIN – sore – smoke; as from: (1) ran-b.
EYE – PAIN – smoke agg. – burning: (1) petr-ra.
EYE – PAIN – smoke agg.: (3) petr-ra. spig. vanil.
Eyes – BURNING, pain – smoke, as from: (14) aeth. All-c. alum-sil. ars. Croc. lyc. mosch. nat-ar. nat-m. nit-ac. petr. ran-b. thuj. valer.
Coughing – SMOKE, of all kinds agg.: (2) euphr. menth.
Coughing – DRY, cough – smoke, from – inhaling, from: (1) kali-bi.
Coughing – DRY, cough – smoke, from: (8) acon. all-s. atro. coc-c. coca hell. petr. thuj.
HEAD – PAIN – smoking:
HEAD – CONGESTION – smoking agg.: (2) Bell. Mag-c.
Chest – SMOKE, as if: (5) ars. Bar-c. brom. bry. Nat-act.
Breathing – DIFFICULT, breathing – smoke, as from: (10) ars. bar-c. Brom. chin. cocc. Ign. lach. lyc. nat-ar. puls.

Karen Rae Ferreira, CCH, RSHom
RegIstered & Certified Classical Homeopath
This is another link to remedies:

Then there are masks which I am using when I water my garden. Here is advice on which ones work.

Message from KMVU-DT Fox 26 reminds us something even greator Being Thankful for our hero’s the fireman.

“You go outside…its hot…its smoky. You are tired, hot, nauseous…you get a headache so you go inside to breathe fresh air. Too hot? Your clothes start to stick, your hair is sweaty…you jump in the shower. MEANWHILE…5000 FIREFIGHTERS ARE AS CLOSE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO THE HEAT, THE FLAMES, THE SMOKE. FIGHTING FOR YOU. FOR US. FOR SAFETY.

so, take a minute. This is not a soap box, its a SHOUT OUT!!! LETS LET THEM KNOW…YOU ARE OUR HEROES!!!”

Thank you to all the fireman and women, all arounf the world who devote their life to protecting the earth and people from fires. May you be protected and God bless you. We are forever grateful.