Seven Days before Christmas and our hearts are filled with grief and compassion from the Sandy Hook Elementary School. We ask why did this happen? The answer may never be understood.

“Where do we go from a world of insanity? Somewhere on the other side of despair.” –T. S. Eliot

With only 7 days left to find the best gift for someone you love, what gift would you choose?
And what if you could not buy something or make something, then what would it be? If you answered love, what would love look like? Or how would you give love? If you answered joy, how would you give joy? If you choose to give wellness, how would you give wellness? If you choose forgiveness, what would you forgive? If you choose kindness, what would you do that was kind? If you choose to do something, what would you do? If you told them all the ways you appreciate them, what do you appreciate? If you told them all their qualities, what would there qualities be? If you choose to be a happier person to be around, how would you be happier? If you choose to give up an addiction, how would you do that? If you choose to be more peaceful, what would that look like? If you choose to be less stressful, how would you accomplish that? If you choose to recite a poem, what poem would you choose? If you choose to sing a song, what song would you sing? If you choose to be more honest, how would you be more honest? If you told them all the ways you love them, what are the ways?
All these gift are free, and the most precious to us. They are the gifts we value the most, the gifts that touch our heart.

These gifts are also the best gifts to give yourself. You are more valuable than you realize.

Your prayers help heal and are a gift in themselves. So we join around the globe praying for all those suffering in loss at this time.
Your actions, validations help make the world a better place. Like in the movie just released LINCOLN, his strong stand for equality to end slavery brought freedom to African Americans. Now a simple signing saying yes I stand for equality and justice for Indigenous people, can mark another healing on earth. Please give a gift that makes a difference on earth and sign now.
I send all of you love, and thank you. May you have a joyful holiday.
Coach Louise Rouse