2012 The Power Of Focusing

The Power Of Focusing

“The only real Failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows”. Buddha

What is the best choice in 2012? We know from history that change occurred when people stood up for their rights. We also know that war and fighting has caused enormous amount of suffering in our world. We know that love is one answer. Actually I think love is the answer. But we fear that just being loving and sending love might not be enough to solve our world problems. What are we to do?

Our mind/soul can be majorly frustrated hearing there is an answer to our gas problem, as we watch gas prices go higher. Or there are cures to cancer which have been blocked while we have friends or family members dying of cancer. Then there is the evidence that we even have the answer for everyone in the world to have cheap energy, yet again it is blocked. The list goes on to most all our world problems, if we could only access the answers instead of the answers being shut down.

We can turn off the TV stop listening to the news and pray it all goes away, yet a small voice inside tells us it is not going away it is growing bigger. We read about new executive orders detainment without trail, we hear about FEMA camps and fear grows deeper. It is not easy in this world to be true to the best one knows. We can have a WALL OF FEAR growing bigger by the day, unless we awaken our spiritual side and stay focused on what we want.
Fear is serving, serving keeping many of us stuck, afraid. When you are unafraid you take back your power to LIVE.
Fear can have a very positive side. It can boost you into action.
Every time I find an opportunity to join a petition to voice a concern of mine, I do it. Because once I do, it feels good to know I took a healthy action. It is small but mighty. Then I post it on Facebook asking others to do the same. I hardly ever get a “like” or a comment on it, but if I put up a silly photo or saying I can get many “likes” or comments. I find this very interesting. How can government agencies serve us if we do not tell what we want?

What we focus on is what grows like water to a dying plant.

The art of focusing is accomplished in many ways. We focus though prayer, visualization, intention, affirmation, meditation, ceremony, our stories and simply where our mind/body is emotionally changed in repeated thinking. We have thousands of thoughts everyday, what are all those thoughts thinking?

It is like Chemtrails. Ever since I was a child I have been a cloud watcher from laying back on a swing set, or lying on the grass. I know clouds are different these days. It feels like I moved to a different country as now clouds can look like bands of angles moving across the sky, lines and lines of them. I have researched chemtrails, and as hard as it is to believe, they are real. There are many “mainstream news reports” of them on You tube. The only thing I do not understand is why? Why would one spray our skies? Willy Whitefeather an elder with amazing wisdom taught my Planetary Coaching Certification class to hold a crystal toward the chemtrails, and send love. I do this regularly, I imagine they are angles and I join every petition to request that they stop spraying or at least tell us what they are and for. Simple things can make a difference. We are not powerless. Here is a link to a video with Willy Whitefeather http://youtu.be/yH3kvigXIQs

Change starts with us. The first step is focusing on what we want.

I remember when we wanted the Berlin Wall to come down. During that time on New Year’s Eve I gave a candlelight prayer ceremony in Ashland Oregon to join in prayer for bringing down the Berlin Wall. When I heard the Wall actually came down I was overjoyed from my first experience of witnessing how collective prayer for a world problem can make a difference.

Michael Furchert living in Berlin at the time was only 17 during this moment in history. He wrote “ Millions of people across the county had now joined the candle vigils and prayer marches, creating a sea of lights across the nation. The movement was growing as Communist East Germany was desperately trying to hold to its power. The military started to beat and arrest people and drag them away. They were waiting for someone to react, pick up a rock, to overturn a car or start a riot. And the government would have had their justification to give order to open fire. Instead, one lady kneeling on the street praying surrounded by military and police arose and put a flower into the muzzle of a gun. She watched a tear roll down the cheek of the soldier who maybe deep inside his heart had been longing for freedom and liberty himself. Not one shot was fired during the peaceful Revolution. Instead the Berlin Wall came down. There are no barriers to faith but those we allow to be there. Communism didn’t bring down our faith. Our faith brought down the Berlin Wall”.

The Berlin Wall did not come down from ignoring the problem, or from fighting it came down through people around the world joining together with the intention of collective prayer in obtaining a focused goal. Focusing on what they wanted.

Michael Furchert wrote toward the end of his article: “ Another high ranking politician later said about their defeat: Our government and military was prepared for everything. But not for candles and hymns, not faith and prayers.”

When a room is dark we turn on the light to see, may we do the same for our country. For change to work or any intention experiment you have to understand what you wish to change. What is the focus? Where do we want to shed light into the dark?

May we use history to be our guide and join together in focusing on what we want through ceremonies across the world. Everyone, all races, all religions, all faiths united for returning love and freedom back to all. It is true that we are more powerful than we realize, which is why some work so hard to keep us afraid. Stand up and celebrate life, live today unafraid. We are creating our future.
Coach Louise Rouse www.PlanetaryCoach.com © 2012