New Language

What is the New Language for a New Era?

There is hope, life is getting better each day, people are waking up. This was the talk of late 2012.

Is the hype of a New Era already fading now that it 2014? The marketing language of a New Era seems to sounds just like the language of many years before. Such as: Set your goals for the year, lose weight, stop smoking, get more clients and make more money!
If there was a new language what would it be?

Perhaps… “Together we can dream a new world into reality.” Deepak Chopra

Are we dreaming of something new? Have all the people who prayed, hoped and believed we are moving into a golden age, our “saving Grace” from all the many world problems given up? Or are they doing something different? My Planetary Coaching Academy teaches that our “saving grace” for a more loving, caring world is simply being more loving. Love is a powerful force when practiced faithfully. My Academy teaches a new language for overcoming our fears in the world. Just imagine how powerful this could be if we used one of psychologies greatest techniques: empowering verses disempowering. Disempowering people has been ruling our world with FEAR… fear of all most everything. Thinking that control of others is the greatest achievement. Far from the truth, as we have discovered control only leads to economic problems and societial unrest. Empowerment leads to prosperity, new inventions, growth and happiness.
Instead of “You cannot expect old dogs to learn new tricks”, lets “expect a miracle”.
Change is up to us. How we market our business, how we interact with each other, how we talk about the problems of the earth is setting an intention a vibrational force.
Do you know the language of love toward the government, toward corporate America, toward all the many things which frustrate and scare us? If you do know, what does the new language sound like?

If you are wondering: how do you stop the same old marketing language and change to something new, here are some tips from the Planetary Coaching Academy?

1. Does it come from love?
2. Is it serving humanity?
3. Does it empower the reader, or listener?

“The easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.” Deepak Chopra

You are an amazing person, a reflection of the Divine. When your light shines you attract more business, love and happiness into your life. There is nothing in the world that cannot use more love. We have discovered that everything around us can hear, feel and respond to love.
Starting today, join the new language of empowerment. When you are wanting something, hoping to sell something, desiring to change something, look at it through the eyes of love. Speak the language of love, see with the eyes of the soul, feel thoughts and prayers of love. After practicing for a day notice how you feel. Observe how this was for you, if this was easy or hard? Then begin again on the next day. Notice if it made a difference, or if others challenged you?
“The most powerful forms of giving are non-material. Even the thought of giving, the thought of blessing, or a simple prayer has the power to affect others.” Deepak Chopra
Change happens when we pay attention to what we are doing. You are smart, with wisdom to know and understand all that you observe. You are magnificent, beautiful, and compassionate. Let your light shine, revealing the beauty in you. Let your love, love, as you deserve love and abundance.
I believe in you, I see the beauty in you and I send you love, Coach Louise Rouse, copy write 2014
The quotes from Deepak Chopra are from his book The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success. I highly recommend reading this book.
If you are interested in coaching, please email I am here to serve you. My greatest joy is watching others blossom, and making their dreams come true.