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Summer camp and art

Today I picked up my 3 beautiful Grandkids from church camp. I love camp songs, we sang them in the car on the way home and there was even a line dance to go along with one of the songs. It reminded me of when I was young girl, going to church camp and singing those uplifting songs. But my favorite memories are working at church camp because I felt older like a true leader. Yes indeed, when we teach or help others we simply glow. We give our best. That is why I still to this day help others and why I certify others to be Planetary Coaches as well.
Here is the lyrics of a song we sang on the way home : Be strong with ups and downs, Be strong with life changes, Be strong and know God is with you all along.
Sorry not sure who wrote it, I will have to ask at church camp.

After we arrived home my Granddaughter and I painted pictures, she has been so inspired by http://gulfcoastretirement.org/admin/generic/ all my Buddha paintings and has wanted to paint. She is to be a natural little artist.

I love teaching her that all religions have a gift, to see the beauty in all.

-Excerpt from “River of Water, River of Fire” Taitetsu Unno’s book of Buddhist Poems:

You, as you are, you’re just right.

Your parents, your children, your daughter-in-law, your grandchildren,
they are, all for you, just right.

Happiness, unhappiness, joy and even sorrow,
for you, they are just right.

The life that you tread is neither good nor bad.
For you, it is just right.
Whether you go to hell or to the Pure Land,
wherever you go is just right.

Nothing to boast about, nothing to feel bad about,
nothing above, nothing below.

Even the day and month that you die,
even they are just right.

This poem reminds me of my painting lessons.
One- Paint what you feel
Two- There is no right or wrong
Three- Allow yourself to have fun
Four- Explore take risks for that is how you learn
Five- Study art with a curious non judgmental eye.