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Love and Faith

Cream Of The Crop
In all her beauty she talks to me. I feel Gods invisible language speak through her every move. She guides me, surprises me, delights me, and supplies me. I love her morning glory, and evening grace. Her moods have four seasons, and are forever changing, yet dependable as the sun every morning and the moon every night. Even though sometimes we cannot see the sun on a rainy day or the moon when it is a “new moon”, we know they are there.
Every day I am thankful for her beauty. Even though she feeds my soul, she can be a commanding teacher.
Her name is nature, and in all her power and magnificent she has touched my soul like a lover, and taught me wisdom like an old sage, and colored my life with the richest palette.
We forget that she has ears to hear, feelings to feel, that she is just as alive as us. So sometimes she needs to reminds us and wake us up.
My favorite part of our relationship is how she lets me know me know with a breeze by my side, or a shooting star in the sky, that my son, who died, is still by my side.
Heaven can be right here she says, no dividing line. Just look for the beauty, the wonders abound, open your eyes they can be found.
We have a choice for a wide range of sentimental emotions. Beliefs are ours to choose. Some are taught, some just are. They weave our life, and express our soul.

There are two feeling’s which are like gold. The cream of the crop. When you put them together they can produce enough power to heal the sick, move mountains, create miracles, motivate people, and conquer any problem. These feelings are free for all of us to have. These feelings are a gift described in two simple words love and faith.
Love and faith only become complex words when we make them so.
I have cried over million tears from feeling love, yet have no regrets for opening my heart. As loves dear companion faith has wiped my tears, comforting me to rise once again. How blessed am I to have loved and to have had unshakable faith.
With the many concerns for our dear mother earth, may we remember our freedom of free choice in the thoughts we choose to embrace. To make it a mission and go for the gold, the cream of crop, and feel love and faith rise to the top. Healing our beloved planet and all humanity. Treasuring our dear mother earth and beloved nature in all her glory and all her power. May we send her love and faith, ask for forgiveness for what we have done as a human race.
See love everywhere and your beauty will grow, like a gardener in the garden your seeds will glow. Never give up, have a faithful heart, for the earth is counting on us being the cream of the crop.

Coach Louise Rouse copy write 2011 Have you ever wanted to be a life/earth coach? Now is the time. www.planetarycoach.com

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