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Louise Rouse is available for radio and TV interviews. She has been featured as a guest on the Lorna Blake show


And interviewed with Linda from Aspire online Magazine

During 1995 to 1997 she was a weekly guest on the Judith Conrad show

Louise has also been a featured guest on the Women’s Empowerment Tel Seminars 2010, as well as a professional speaker and two time best selling author in 2010. Louise is invited to give Inspirational talks with her meet the author book signings. She writes an ongoing column for the Desert Messenger Newspaper, and in the 90’s wrote a column for the Well Springs Magazine for 3 years in Ashland Oregon.

Thoughtbuster www.thoughtbuster.com was her first online coaching site created after graduating from I.C.A. one of the top coaching schools in the world.

Americas grief Coach www.Americasgriefcoach.com was founded after her beloved son crossed over suddenly at only 22 years of age. She is also co-manager and writer for onlinegriefsupportgroup.com
You can view her blog www.Americasgriefcoach.com
and her online articles posted at SelfGrowth.com
Before Louise began her online adventure she held an office in Ashland Oregon as a Transpersonal Therapist, she was the founder of two popular workshops one titled Mamas Magic on parenting, and the other Bees and Butterflies on ADDD and ADHD.
Louise Rouse founded Planetary Coachâ„¢ for two reasons.

One : She felt an inner calling and passion to start a school in order to pass on her
          wealth of knowledge.

Two : Grief and loss are all over the world, touching every area of our life from relationships, jobs, to          environment, Louise discovered that her program was highly successful, and the world could use          more coaches using her same coaching model.