A New Era Requires A New Coaching Model

If you are like many of our students, you may have already been dreaming of being a coach. Or you are already coaching your friends, colleagues and others and want more advance skills. With Planetary Coaching Certification, you’ll have the credentials and the recognition you deserve as a Certified Planetary Coach.

Planetary Coaching Academy will absolutely transform your world.You will learn the art of alchemical coaching with hypnotherapy, transpersonal coaching techniques, NLP, EFT, EPC, biofeedback, energy healing, cogitative behavior skills, emotional release tools, metaphyisics, indigenous wisdom, and quantum science.Discover how to train ones brain to adapt to any change and end the self- sabotaging thoughts that hold a person back.

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim member of The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers highly endorses the Planetary Coaching Certification Program.

Louise Rouse is truly a visionary for the New World. As a Planetary Coach she lovingly takes you on a journey of the soul to appreciate all that is within you ~ to not only show you your own worth and beauty, but to show you how Mother Earth celebrates your very existence for being here. I feel very blessed to have met her and attend the Planetary Coaching Academy.
Barbara Lynn, CPC, Grants Pass Oregon

Become a Certified Planetary Coach and fulfill your Heart’s desire to HELP Humanity while making a living.

Here is what is included:

- 7 Planetary Course Videos
- 25 Planetary Course Audios
- 7 Planetary Course Workbooks
- 7 Planetary Course Group coaching calls
- 2 Marketing your business calls
- 1 Personal coaching call
- 1 Year membership access to Inner Circle for ongoing support and help.
- Official Certification Banner for your website
- A Planetary Coach Graduate Listing
- Your bio and link presented on the Planetary Coach website


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“This program and materials are exceptional and worth every penny. Coach Louise has created an outstanding seven week training program designed to train those who love Mother Earth and want to serve Humanity how to become Planetary Coaches (TM) and make their dreams come true. The training program is extremely well crafted and easy to follow. Coach Louise leads you carefully and thoughtfully through the entire program. If you have a strong desire to protect Mother Earth and serve Humanity then you should seriously consider becoming a Planetary Coach (TM). I am sure you will love it.”
Best Wishes, Barclay B. Brown CPC, Medford Oregon

The world is changing and people have a tenancy to resist change. Helping the Planet thrive begins with humanity welcoming change, getting unstuck, waking up, and return to happiness, love and peace for all mankind. Healing is an inside job, a job Planetary Coaches are trained to do. The earth will survive fine with out us. For us to survive and thrive, we have to heal our past, discover our beauty and express our authentic selves in a healthy way. We have all the answers inside, we are worthy and becoming a Planetary Coach is one way to make a living fulfilling your passion.

No marketing hype, no false promises, just a simple economy special of $888.00
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Join us and become a Planetary Coach™, leaders of the new era.

Two easy payments of $444.00 a month.

Shirley Chambers
Do you believe everyone in this world has a purpose; a calling that truly creates a reason for your being on earth? What if you could discover this calling and be fulfilled in your heart and
soul and have your prayers and questions answered? Are you looking for the answers to today's problems? I found these answers, as have many others like me. Join in this wisdom. With her certification program, Louise Rouse, a groundbreaker in evolutionary and planetary coaching, has really helped me to discover how to be the change I have been longing to see in this world full of crisis. I so desired to be a part of the creation on this planet, rather than the painful destruction we all witness each day. The Planetary Coaching program, brought me to that point; called me to a deeper level of co-creation. When asked, "Would you recommend this program to others?" Unquestionably; how harmonic the world could be if each of us could feel the satisfaction and fulfillment Rouse's program's knowledge and tools can provide. Do not fear. You are a unique and enchanting being. Trust in the powers within yourself. The Universe is inviting you as I am inviting you to use this program. You CAN make a difference.
Two easy payments of $444.00 a month.

Louise Rouse

Coach Louise helps people conquer the hardships of today through assisting people in releasing their fears and blocks with tools and actions to repair the human spirit for the now and the future. She is a Visionary Leader, Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher who weaves’ spiritual guidance and coaching into a beautiful tapestry of loving support. Coach Louise has over 30 years experience in the field of human potential development, with Brain Science, New Thought and Metaphysics. Certified in Personal and Professional Coaching, Transpersonal Therapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Biofeedback, with countless extra CEU credits for advanced training in positive psychology and energy healing.



If after you have completed the seven week program you do not feel you satisfied with the program your money will be refunded.
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