Welcome To Planetary Coaching Academy

Planetary Coachâ„¢ was founded by Louise Rouse President of The Planetary Coaching Academy. Planetary Coaching is an alchemical transformative new model for coaching one to radiate and raise their vibration level. The ultimate consciousness scale rates consciousness by numbers. Each number represents the vibration reflection of consciousness. Example is: the highest vibration is enlightenment at 700, and the lowest is shame at 20. The average person is somewhere around 200 to 300. Love is 500. This is a valuable and interesting paradigm study, by David R. Hawkins, with a measured way to find ones vibration.

In the resent years it has been proven that the higher the vibration the higher the results for manifesting ones dreams, and healing of the planet. Another example is Backsters Effect the study proving that plants from ordinary houseplants inside the home to plants all around us outside respond to our vibration.

To move up the scale takes unlocking blocks in a persons mind/body or Chakras. With the aid of a Planetary Coach one is lovingly guided through mind/body techniques. This new model plays a critical role in helping people really move forward with their life.

Planetary Coaching is a blend of indigenous wisdom and the latest alchemical and mind/body techniques, plus traditional coaching models. Traditional coaching was based on performance, money, balance, lifestyles, relationships, goals and business success. Some was also on healing grief and loss. Goal plans, blueprints, certainty, accountability, law of attraction and keen insightful questions were some of the ways to help one gain clarity and achieve results. Even though traditional coaching tools are part of Planetary Coaching Program, Planetary Coaches are trained with a wide range of the latest mind/body techniques to match our new golden era. We have moved from the third dimension to the fifth dimension we have leaped into a new way of being. Planetary Coaching helps shift our old planetary selves into a crystalline energy. Allowing one to fully embrace limitless possibilities for evolving ourselves, and for the evolution of the whole new age. With Planetary Coaching you receive instantaneous transformations, and alchemical experiences, which dance with the majestic wonders of the universe, unleashing blocks and raising your vibration to be a match this new golden era.

Some of the most advanced minds on earth believe, that everything we do as a collective affects not only our planet but also all other dimensions.

“Louise Rouse is a blessing to anyone who has experienced grief. Healing her own experience with grief sent her on mission to help other people heal as well. From an immediate loss to one past, she helps people see a new perception. One, which is very empowering for the soul. Louise is intuitive and a visionary allowing her to guide her clients through the depths of darkness and sadness to the light and joy of life still left to live. She is a Coach who walks her talk.”

Susan Birmingham