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Learn to connect with the 14 forces of the universe and how to have a powerful invisible relationship. The invisible is more powerful than the visible.

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Shirley Chambers

Louise Rouse is a pioneer in evolutionary consciousness; her insights transform our understanding of whom we are, and where we are going. With her vast amount of knowledge, experience and tools she is training us to be on the cutting edge as Planetary Coaches to help create a new world. The Planetary Coaching certification program has come at a pivotal time for helping these changing times. With these tools we discover how to be the change we are looking for. Her highly recommended program is for: anyone wanting to serve the planet and mankind in all the areas of their lives. Planetary Coaching teaches that one of the fastest ways to help the world, accelerate your growth and your income is to change crisis into opportunity, uncertainty into wisdom, fear into love, and loss into found. Are you ready to make the change?
You want to accomplish your goals…then do what I did, take the 1st step. Meet or talk to Coach Louise Rouse once and you will know you have made the 1st critical step in changing your life for the better.”
Mark Lacy